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I am so excited today as I have had my first Laser Snoring Treatment (Fontana Light Walker NIGHTLASE). I will not lie, I DO snore (which keeps me from going (overnight with friends), and according to Bob, I snore LOUD and A LOT! Dr. Hansen of Hansen Dental Treatment Center in Pasco, WA is Educated and Certified in the field of Laser treatment for a variety of ailments. He has the very latest in laser equipment here in the Tri-Cities, WA. Within 3 months and 3 treatments I should have my snoring arrested! Did the laser treatment ?hurt?? Only mild discomfort but the treatment is so quick and non-invasive. How long was the treatment? 15-30 minutes. If this works, I will sing Dr. Hansen?s praises! You can click on this link if you have any interest in what I am talking about:
So?while I was at Dr. Hansen?s office, I was also able to experience my first treatment to tighten my facial skin, i.e.: bags under eyes, wrinkles from my eyes, above my lips, general tightening of the facial skin to improve my overall aging and improve my collagen production (age 66 years YOUNG). The laser treatment forces collagen to begin reproduction within the epidermal layers of my skin. I honestly can say, that after my first treatment, I noticed a difference in my overall skin tightness and am excited to get my 2nd of 3rd treatments. I have had collagen treatments and Botox in the past. THAT was the ?past?. I am definitely vying for a non-invasive and no down-time via the laser technology available today at a MUCH the reduced cost!
What I love is the virtually pain free, and non-invasive procedures done with the laser treatments.
This is not the main reason for the laser equipment in Dr. Hansen?s office. He is a dentist and the laser equipment he has performs an abundance of dental procedures?catapulting us into the advanced age of less painful, if not, painless dentistry!
I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Hansen when you consider your next need for dental or aesthetics,(i.e. skin scaring from acne, a face lift without the downtime, and the list goes on and on) without the excessive expense of traditional treatments.
Please give Dr. Hansen?s office a call and talk to his friendly staff regarding your needs today!

D. Morris

I actually look forward to my visits to Hansen Family Dental. Dr. James Hansen and his staff have taken care of my dental needs for over five years and everyone has always greeted me with smiles and worked together as a happy and cohesive team, showing each other courtesy and respect while treating me like family. So, the word “Family” in the name of their business takes on real meaning.
As a woman in her late 70s, my dental problems are not without challenges but Dr. Hansen and his staff have worked together to find the best solutions for me. Whether the procedure is a simple cleaning, filling or a root canal, my comfort is important to each one of them and I never feel tense or nervous. Their smiles are sincere and make me relax. In addition, their willingness to work out an affordable payment plan that works for me and enables me to get the care I need without undue hardship is greatly appreciated.
As a child my wisdom teeth grew horizontally, pushing my other teeth forward. My wisdom teeth were removed when I was about 27 years old but over the years the bottom teeth drifted forward and caused so much crowding that it became almost impossible to floss. I could see that my gums were being affected and felt sorry for any hygienist that had to clean my teeth. I realize that healthy teeth and gums play an important part in my overall health so after asking about solutions to my problem, invisalign (virtually invisible alternative to braces) was suggested as a possibility.
I hesitated because of my age, but realized that with people living longer these days, I could live another 20 years. So, the office staff helped me work out a payment plan that would work so that I could actually have my teeth straightened, something I had wanted to do for many years but didn’t think would be possible. It is exciting to see that, after just a few weeks, my teeth are already moving. Within a few months I won’t be biting the inside of my bottom lip anymore, will be able to floss and clean between all of my teeth, won’t have to feel sorry for the hygienist, won’t have the threat of gum disease, and I’m sure I’ll feel better about my smile.
Thank you Dr. Hansen and each member of your staff for making it so pleasant to take care of my teeth! In addition, I thank you and your staff for your service and giving back to your community through your volunteering and distributing of toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss to over a thousand low-income families each year that have sought help at the St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank in Pasco. You set a great example of caring about your neighbors in need. You are a dentist I can highly recommend as I know your staff reflects your values!

Linda S. Hermann
Pasco, WA

I just have to write a review about Hansen Family Dental. I have had some really terrible experiences with dentists in the past and I am terrified of being drilled on. My overall
experience from the moment I arrived to the cleaning and getting two crowns with two fillings I am impressed. They have all the newest, latest and greatest dental equipment
with a beautiful office. They saved me time with my crowns; same day. No waiting for weeks to get them. They took in consideration my fears and me being nercous.
They made me feel comfortable and at ease. With the massaging chair to lay back in and the care during the whole procedure, I am so happy that I have found this dental office.
Thank you everyone at Hansen Family Dental. I would definitely recommend them!

Melanie W.

Very caring staff. Very professional. I will definitely recommend this place to my family and closest friends and to anyone looking for a very good caring dentist. Dr. Jim Hansen you rock!!! Thank you for taking me as a new patient.

Remy Banvliet

Always friendly and efficient! I feel Dr. Hansen and his staff are highly skilled and competent.

Lori B.

Practically no wait. Very beautiful and warm atmosphere. Kind and gentle dentist who is interested in your needs even when they are just cosmetic. Dr. Hansen and his staff have servant hearts! Thank you for a pleasant experience.

Cheryl Morris

I always love going to the dentist because Hansen Family Dental is wonderful! The staff are always very nice and friendly plus I love the massage chairs.

Elizabeth Moore