Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners

The alignment of the teeth is crucial when it comes to maintaining a healthy oral cavity. Crooked teeth are more prone to developing cavities, as the microbes in the mouth can get accumulated at the intersections and form tartar deposits. Also, cleaning the teeth thoroughly is quite challenging when they aren’t aligned appropriately. One of the best ways to treat a malocclusion is using clear aligners.

What are clear aligners?

Dental braces were the go-to solution for many years for treating misaligned teeth. They are predominantly composed of metal components, such as brackets and wires. This leaves a metallic appearance on the smile, making you feel overly conscious of your facial aesthetics when you socialize. The perfect solution to this concern is a clear aligner.

A clear aligner is made from transparent plastic that has shape memory. It looks a bit like a sports mouthguard that athletes use, but transparent. When patients with a malocclusion put on the aligners, the walls of the aligner gently apply pressure on the teeth and help them move to their orthodontically right positions. During the treatment, you need not worry about your smile looking displeasing, as the aligners are hardly noticeable due to their transparent appearance.


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