Root Canal Treatment in Pasco, WA

Root Canal Treatment in Pasco, WA

The root of a tooth might become infected owing to decay, a crack, or another dental disease. This can cause a lot of pain and may even threaten the entire tooth. Aside from discomfort, you may notice severe swelling, tooth darkening, gum irritation, or even bone loss. In many cases, the majority of the tooth can be saved by cleaning out the infection and covering the remaining structure with a dental crown. Our professional dentist at Hansen Family Dental uses the most recent developments in root canal therapy to make this operation easier and more comfortable.

What Is a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal therapy is used to treat issues with a tooth's soft center, often known as the dental pulp. The pulp is found within the tooth and extends from the crown to the tip of the root. It is made up of connective tissues, nerves, and blood vessels that supply the tooth with oxygen, nutrition, and sensitivity. Root canal therapy removes and seals damaged or inflammatory pulp from a tooth's pulp chamber.

Alternative to Root Canal

Root Canal

What Are the Symptoms of a Root Canal?

  • Severe discomfort while chewing or biting
  • Acne on the gums
  • A broken or chipped tooth
  • Gums that are swollen or painful

Root Canal Procedure

The first stage in root canal therapy is to examine the tooth so that our dentist understands the nature of the problem and can successfully treat it. This usually includes a physical examination of the inside of the mouth as well as X-ray imaging of the tooth to examine the pulp chamber.

A local anesthetic is then used to numb the tooth and increase the patient's comfort throughout the procedure. The dentist can then drill into the tooth's crown to open it. This enables specialist dental devices to be placed into the pulp chamber and root canals to remove the inflamed or infected pulp. The residual space is then thoroughly cleaned and sculpted to make room for a filling that will replace the pulp in the tooth.

Then the root canal can be filled with a biocompatible substance like gutta-percha. Adhesive dental cement is also commonly used to promote good root canal sealing and to prevent future infections in the area. After filling the root canal, a temporary filling is frequently placed over the opening to seal it. A crown is finally placed over the tooth to protect it in the long run.

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