Dental Fillings in Pasco WA

Dental Fillings in Pasco WA

With all of the advantages of dental fillings, it's no surprise that they're one of the most popular types of dental treatment. Dental fillings can help prevent tooth decay and fix cavities in teeth. They also boost oral health by assisting in the reduction of germs in your mouth, which causes bad breath, as well as providing relief from severe nerve sensitivity caused by receding gums or inflamed root surfaces.

If you have a tooth that has been troubling you for a while, it may be worth your time to contact us. We at Hansen Family Dental provide a variety of filling options for you to select from to choose the one that best meets your needs.

What Are Dental Fillings?

Dental Filling Materials

Amalgam Filling

Composite Filling

A dental filling is a process that is used to protect, restore, or repair damaged teeth. By preventing sensitivity, fillings protect against future injury and the risk of discomfort or infection. They are a fantastic way to protect your teeth and keep them healthy and robust.

Types of Dental Fillings

  • Gold fillings
  • Composite fillings
  • Amalgam fillings
  • Ceramic fillings
  • Glass ionomers

Benefits of Dental Fillings

Prevents the Cavity from Developing

When you obtain a filling, our dentist will clean out the decayed section of your tooth. They will then pour in the filler substance, sealing the hole left by the cavity. This shields the nerve terminals in your dentine from being exposed to the temperatures of the foods you consume and the acids produced by the microorganisms in your mouth. When you have cavities, the exposure of these nerves frequently causes toothaches.

Increases the Natural Tooth's Strength

Composite fillings help to strengthen your teeth. Rather than being hollowed out by the cavity, you will benefit from the filling's support. Fillings do not cause any damage to your teeth.

Fluoride Can Even Be Released by Modern Fillings

Some fillings, like glass ionomer, release fluoride to protect the tooth from further decay and damage. This form of filling is frequently utilized when there is deterioration beneath the gum line.

Prevents Your Teeth from Decaying

There are microscopic holes in your teeth that aren't big enough to be considered cavities, but they do hold particles and debris. As a result, they may cause future tooth decay. The dentist, on the other hand, can seal them with a composite filling.

To learn more about dental fillings and their benefits, call Hansen Family Dental at (509) 547-9951 or stop by 6615 W Argent Rd, Pasco, WA 99301.


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